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Accurate Rotating Parts

We produce accurate rotating parts according to customers request. We manufacture finished products or we do only required technology processes (hardening, grinding, super finishing, washing, etc.) on parts delivered by customer.

Custom rings

In general, we can say that we produce custom-made rings whose functional surfaces are ground, polished, superfinished or lapped/honed up to an outer diameter of 40 mm. We are able to produce only turned rotary parts up to an outer diameter of 110 mm. The precision rotary components produced by us have various uses, e.g. as spacer rings, sealing bushings, spacer rings, collars, precision washers, etc.

We perform the following manufacturing activities on precision rotary components: turning (single-spindle and multi-spindle automatic machines, CNC lathes), drilling, grinding (internal and external), polishing, superfinishing, lapping/honing, tumbling, heat treatment and surface treatment (cooperation), measuring and .

You can find our technologies that you can use in the section: